About Sunrise Key

Sunrise Key Fort Lauderdale is another one of the several island communities found near the Las Olas area. In the case of Sunrise Key however, it’s more towards the north and a little more isolated. As a result, Sunrise Key homes have a bit more privacy and additional lot space allotted to each residence. Still, a standout feature of Sunrise Key is how it manages to be equidistant to Sunrise Boulevard and Las Olas Boulevard.

You’ll already enjoy great privacy by choosing Sunrise Key real estate and any one of the waterfront properties within it but there’s much to the community. You’ll also enjoy delightful views of the waterfront to the east and the gorgeous array of homes to the south. Again, because Sunrise Key is separate from all the rest it offers the quietest and most private surroundings and wide water vistas.

8 Bedroom Homes

Address Price Bed / Baths Interior Space WF / Pool
632 2ND KEY DR
$25,000,000 8 / 8 / 2
8,962sf Y / N

Address Price Bed/Baths Interior Space $sf/$m² WF/Pool
616 1st Key Dr $32,995 6 / 5 / 1 4,398 / 409m² $8sf / $81m² Y / N
2224 Sunrise Key Blvd $10,900 4 / 3 2,798 / 260m² $4sf / $42m² Y / N

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